Stick vs. Liquid Foundation: Which is Better?

This article will find the difference between Stick and Liquid Foundation according to your skin tone to set and give a brighter look; therefore, many people are confused about choosing a foundation.

Liquid foundation

liquid foundation suits all skin types; it set on the skin very fast; you say it is term as a universal foundation it is available in HD and non HD set, but it is not recommendable for people who have oily skin due to the skin pigmentation won’t hold liquid foundation as it easily washed up and gives you greasy look

The liquid foundation is the most demanded styling product as it is an ancient form of foundation; if you have oily skin, there’s a hack while applying a liquid foundation. Make sure you just correctly set up with non-scented powder; it will neutralize the foundation’s oil.

it most preferable for people with normal to dry skin; it is very easily blended light coverage ends up with a soft look

Stick foundation

Stick foundation has exceptional reach in terms of longevity, best preferable for normal to oily skin; when you apply stick foundation, you can skin concealer as it is worth it.

It is effortless to use and carry along with; stick foundation also applied to under eyes for the people who have dark circle around.

you can apply it will stick to your skin; the best way to use, have a touch of compact for a perfectly blended finish

It is not for dry skin types as the concentration is already parched. Before applying it, use a moisturizer or primer.

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