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Why Is Sunscreen Important in Skin Care?

Sunscreen has become a mandatory item in any person’s skincare arsenal because of the risk associated with the sun’s harmful rays. Not only do these rays cause cancer, but they also are a leading cause of wrinkles and other aging problems, as well as dryness and itching. The sunscreen should contain certain ingredients that protect […]


Pulse Points For Perfume

The pulse points for perfume application refer to where the arteries are closer to the skin’s surface and where you can feel your pulse. Applying your perfume to these points will help your fragrance to smell more intense and bright. Pulse points for perfumery application include: between your breasts, behind your ears, between the cleavage […]

difference between cologne and perfume

What is the difference between Cologne and perfume?

In general, what’s the difference between perfume and Cologne, and why does it even matter to you? Yes, there’s a difference, and yes, no one has ever changed the names to make you buy more than one scent. Still, these types of scented oil, or perfume, are actually based solely on the amount of oil […]

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